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Jaimee Garbacik

Feverish lover of words, spraypaint, salt water, youth advocacy & the auditory spectrum. Author of Gender and Sexuality For Beginners. Curator of Ghosts of Seattle Past.

Why have you come to see me?


I want to know more about you.

Ok, but watch out: I might make your head spin like a top.*

  • (Long-form bio here.)

    My Books

    I want to know all about your first book, Gender and Sexuality For Beginners.

    I have a whole other site for G&SFB, with a book trailer, sample art, and more!

    I want to know all about your new book, Ghosts of Seattle Past.

    Head on over to our Ghosts site, where you can pin our digital map of Seattle with your memories, read our blog, and find out about upcoming exhibits and events! Or you can watch our book trailer below.



    I would like you to come speak (or read) at my school-GSA-house party-community center-conference-bookstore.

    That is not an impossible dream at all. I have been a guest lecturer at UW, Seattle University, Emerson College, and elsewhere, and have held readings/Q&As in music venues, libraries and bookstores across the country. Let’s talk more about that.

    When are you coming to my home town/the nearest city?

    That depends. What kind of dance parties do you have on tap? Here are my upcoming scheduled appearances:

    (The Ghosts of Seattle Past national tour is over, but a list of previous tour dates and appearances is archived here.)


    I am a young queer person and I’m having a personal emergency, and I don’t have anyone else to talk to about it. I need help.

    While I appreciate your trust and faith in me, I’m not a service provider. If you are in a crisis, please call The Trevor Project’s free hotline at 866.488.7386.

    Editorial Services

    You edit books too, right? I heard that somewhere...

    Yup. My editorial business, Footnote Editorial, specializes in developmental editing for literary fiction, short story collections, and YA novels. I also enjoy editing long-form journalism, interviews, essay collections, poetry, and cultural studies, with an emphasis on gender studies and queer issues.

    Write To Me

    I have a question to ask you about the relationship between PiƱa Bausch’s work and Andrew Wyeth’s paintings.

    I know, right? The white space use is so oddly similar! (I’m not a particularly private person, and I like letters. Please feel free to write to me.)